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The Fulcrum Chronicles

The Gateway of Realities (Book 1 – being written, first draft)
Members of an ancient Order must stop a madman from endangering multiple worlds.


Rahne Check (novelette – editing)
A young assassin is forced into a precarious no win situation.

Training Day (Novella – rewriting first draft)
A routine graduation day training mission goes horribly wrong.


C.K. Knight is the pen name for a currently unpublished author.

He is currently writing the first book in the Fulcrum series and editing an introduction novelette and novella to acquaint readers with his blended realm of science fiction and fantasy.

Immersed in the realms of science fiction and fantasy since a young age, Knight now has decades of experience as a storyteller and player in many RPG systems such as Dungeons & Dragons and FATE.

When not writing, Knight works a full-time job and is an avid gamer who spends time in an old and still popular MMO, several popular RTS games, and even a couple of turn-based single player games. He is also an avid reader, movie and tv show buff who never has enough time for work, hobbies and spending time with his cats and dog.

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Still here!

I am still here. Life has intruded and thrown me terribly behind schedule. I work a full time job and write on the side and I was laid off, but I got a new job, but one with a steep learning curve and some technical requirements I have to certify in. Add in a few …